I'm not going to tell you how good I am. They are.

“Hire this guy. I did. He will inspire you.”

Jeff Millman

Chief Creative Officer at gkv communications

“Ed Galm is one of the most creative and forward-thinking guys I know in the industry. Not only can he blow you away with his design and art direction, he is an entrepreneur at heart and is always percolating new product, programming or business concepts.


Ed and I spent many hours discussing our not-so-ordinary ideas and he contributed positively to all of my “hair-brained ideas.“

Kevin Kempske

Executive Vice President at gkv Communications

“Ed is a truly gifted art director, creative director and all-around marketing guru. It’s rare to work with someone with his level of skill, experience and intelligence and I’d recommend Ed to anyone. 


If you want an extremely talented designer … hire Ed. 


If you want someone who understand marketing strategy and can provide direction on how to generate leads, sales, brand awareness and more … hire Ed. 


If you want someone who works well with his teammates and can bring a room to life … hire Ed.


He’s a one-of-a-kind talent.“

Tom Gilhuley

Director of Creative Marketing Services at Monster Technologies

“Ed’s concepts are as large as his shadow. Heck, larger! He’s a charm to work with, and I hope to repeat the experience. We’ve conspired successfully on a variety of projects. His knowledge of design is matched by his knowledge and interest in music, media, history, politics, snow removal, east-coast-vs-west-coast societal norms, and for that matter, the world in general.


Cure your communication ills: Take an Ed and call him in the morning, evening or for the occasional midnight emergency.”

Jonathan Kaler

Copywriter + Producer - Red Phone

“Ed is one of the most creative people I have ever met. He lives and breathes ideas. His work is outrageously inventive. Highly recommended.”

Donna Andersen

Writer + Author

“Ed was well-liked among his peers and co-workers and always brought his positive attitude to the workplace at gkv. He was an exceptionally skilled and talented art director and produced superior work for gkv’s clients.


In addition, he developed his own personal ‘signature’ style of creative which became a preferred choice of gkv’s clients. Overall, I am pleased to recommend Ed for he has a positive attitude, great humor, and he produces innovative and unique creative.”

Alison Berman

Senior Strategy Manager

“I’ve worked with Ed both in an agency environment and in a freelance capacity, and have always been impressed by his sheer volume of ideas. He truly has a unique perspective on the world. His ideas are not limited to ‘advertising’ ideas. Just very large ideas equally adaptable to the form of the particular assignment, be it packaging, signage, interactive, broadcast, direct marketing, print and poster design…the list goes on.


Work with Ed any length of time, and you’ll discover a seemingly endless array of skills, ranging from any form of design, to freehand illustration, to writing and editing. You’ll also discover a powerful instinct for what sells and an ability to memorably convey his thoughts to everyone from creative partners to account directors to clients.


It was a treat working with Ed, and I hope to again in the future.”

Scott Shulim

Senior Copywriter

“Ed can come with more very exciting — and highly original — ideas for graphic design than almost anyone I have ever met in the world of publishing, either in the U.S. or anywhere else. And he can execute those ideas very quickly and professionally, with a high degree of flexibility regarding clients’ inputs. 


Ed also has a very strong sense of worldwide youth culture, and he has a knack for anticipating the next trends before they happen. He is easy to work with, and highly reliable.”

Alan Field

International Business Writer + Editor

“Ed’s creative work for my website redesign exceeded my expectations! Ed is a creative genius!”

Manny Skevofilax

Business Consultant

“Where do you begin with Ed? He is simply a doer. Art director, Graphic designer. Web developer. Writer. Ed’s mind never slows down. He always seems to come to the table with a plethora of fresh ideas and a deep desire for the unique. Give him your tough jobs, stand back and be prepared to be inspired.”

Hugh Carson

Senior Copywriter

“Ed Galm is a force of nature. Creative, smart, and a natural advertising pro who thinks well both visually and conceptually. In fact, his headlines were often better than mine, and I was the writer! He was always graceful enough to give me credit, however.”

Scott Shindell

Senior Copywriter