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Nittany Bank


Coffee Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

“Wake Up Your Money”



Now that you have your coffee, you can relax a little. Think about things. Big things. Like life, your future and what it all means. Since you find yourself reading this coffee cup sleeve, perhaps you’re looking for answers. And why not a coffee cup sleeve? Some might climb a mountain in Tibet to find answers. May we suggest, if you’re looking for answers, finding a really good bank is a step in the right direction. After all, money is a big part of life and your future. And Nittany Bank is a really good bank. Check out our Website, listed on the other side of this cup. Or stop by one of our branches and we’ll be glad to talk to about your financial goals, life, and how we fit in. Who knows, if you start saving your money now, you might be able to buy a ticket to Tibet and a good pair of hiking shoes. Meanwhile, enjoy your coffee and don’t over-think things.



Careful, this beverage may be hot. Then again, if it’s a decent cup of coffee, it should be. Some people believe in putting big, bold warnings on coffee cups. So in the event that you spill the coffee and burn yourself, the makers of said coffee won’t be held responsible for your clumsiness. Here’s a more useful warning, “The contents of this cup may be dark.” Or “Do not drink this while wearing a white suit. In fact, do not wear a white suit unless you are an author living in the South and never after Labor Day.” You see, big companies pay lawyers a lot of money to keep them out of trouble. At Nittany Bank, we like to keep our disclaimers simple. So when you see our ads and brochures, you’ll notice there’s not a lot of fine print. We mean what we say and we don’t need a lot of legal jargon indirectly telling you otherwise. If this sounds like the kind of bank you’d like to do business with, stop by one of our offices. And please drink your coffee responsibly.



You’re sitting there, drinking coffee, minding your own business and you notice that something’s written on this coffee cup sleeve. You might be thinking, what could possibly be so important that someone would use valuable coffee cup sleeve space to write it? Or maybe you’re not. But at this point you’re half way through the paragraph so you might as well find out. Well, we just wanted you to know, Nittany Bank is a good place to go for, well, banking stuff. Not to brag, but we’re pretty good at it. Check out our Website, conveniently displayed on the other side of this coffee cup sleeve. Or, if you’d like, stop by one of our branches and talk to our friendly staff. Now you can get back to drinking coffee. But at least you know what was so important it needed to be put on a coffee cup sleeve.



Mmm, that’s good coffee. The barista made it just right. What a weird word, barista. Careful, it’s hot. Blow on it a little. There, that’s better. Now you’re ready to take on the day. But you’re somehow distracted by the words on this nifty Java Jacket. Great invention, the Java Jacket. It keeps you from burning your fingers on the sides of this hot cup. It also gives us a place to write. Even better. So we’ll get to the point. Nittany Bank is a good place to put your money. There, that’s it. That was easy. Our website is right over there under our logo if you’re interested. Or stop by one of our branches and talk to our friendly staff. We’d be glad to help. Now enjoy your coffee and have a great day. Thanks for reading.